Stories told with heart, and shared for a cause.

The team at NFN believes social responsibility intersects with profitability. The NFN believes the value of a business is expressed as much by how it treats its partners and the programs it has for environmental sustainability or its charitable associations.

Based on our owner’s passion for giving back, the NFN has adopted a philosophical initiative toward environmental and social well-being. This corporate responsibility can be reflected in our revenue models and in content development. We welcome the opportunity to discuss valued partnerships in both content development or advertising opportunities.

Women Survivors Alliance (WSA)
The WSA is an all-volunteer organization where women affected by cancer can find their voice, improve their quality of life, and embrace their 2nd Act. WSA works with all ages, all stages, and all cancers. A portion of the proceeds of NFN will feed directly back to the programs of the WSA. Our outreach includes SURVIVORville, (a weekend event of empowerment in Nashville for women around the world), NOU (38K hits per week) – a comprehensive magazine for cancer survivors , and My 2nd Act – A stage/tv show that reaches women from around the globe.

Donate to the WSA here

The Peace Dragon Project
The Peace Dragon is a creative arts site dedicated to inspiring children and adults of the world to celebrate individual differences as an infinite resource of possibilities to resolutions in art and life; it opens the global doorway to participate in an inclusive, non-judgmental environment of artistic expression with a focus on creating peaceful images; it encourages challenging the validity of existing myths by exploring the transformation of the peaceful, benevolent dragon into a malevolent, aggressive creature: returning the dragon’s image to its original stature through artistic presentations, in whatever form they may manifest. It positions the arts center stage with the task of changing the world’s direction with a guided focus, one it is more than capable of performing.

More charities are being added as NFN grows.  Thank you for your support of our projects as well as our positive programming mission.