She’s not your average 14-year old. In fact, she’s an extraordinary kid who beat the odds and is now dedicating her life to giving back.

It all started on a Sunday afternoon in September 2013 when Jessica Meyer, then 11 years old, visited her local Walmart in Nashville, TN.  Playing around with a new blood pressure/vision machine in the pharmacy, Jessica noticed she couldn’t see out of her right eye. That prompted a visit to her doctor and so began a barrage of tests. Since that fateful day in the Walmart, her life would never be the same. It was brain cancer and she needed immediate surgery. The tumor was also resting on her pituitary gland effecting her growth. She spent almost a year going through treatments and fighting this life-threatening disease. And in her own words, she “kicked cancer’s butté.” And through all of this, she finished the 5th and 6th grade on schedule and didn’t skip a beat.

Now, she’s an ambassador for childhood cancer and with over 100 events, fundraisers, and media opportunities, this energetic, pint-sized powerhouse uses her vibrant personality and wisdom to travel the country to inspire others.  While at home, she’s just a normal, ordinary gal with two dogs, schoolwork, dance, classmate parties and yes, monthly brain scans. If it isn’t enough that she had her own fight, now her goal is to start her own non-profit organization to help other families going through the same thing.

In this series, cameras will follow this young girl as she criss-crosses the country as an ambassador of survivorship. Keep up with us as we live “Positively Jessica” and witness as she proves that she can turn anything she touches, even cancer, into a party of one.