MOMENTS – Four adventurous friends travel the globe seeking to live life in the moment, experience new cultures, overcome obstacles, and share it with the world through their eyes.

The oft-overlooked youth segment has emerged as the fastest-growing group for international travel, representing roughly 20 percent of the total market in 2012.1 An increasingly diverse demographic of young globetrotters put far more emphasis on gaining cultural experiences abroad, than traveling for leisure.

MOMENTS takes a fresh approach on travel like it’s never been shown before. Each episode highlights the best moments from our host’s journeys through a new country day by day. Filmed by the hosts themselves, the audience becomes part of the action by following the group with each step they take. The camera is always rolling to uncover what traveling is really like for millennials in each new place, and it provides a unique and intimate window into their world. The show inspires, educates, and never fails to leave you wanting more.

Life was meant for good friends, and great adventures.